Nomatic Backpack Alternatives

Nomatic backpack alternatives-Essentially, every person going on an adventure needs a backpack for stuffing in his items. Going on an adventure also requires carrying all the essentials a person may need. Therefore, the backpack is a significant part of your venture. It is lightweight and portable so that a person can easily carry it. Hence, the backpack has multiple uses in everyday life.

Nomatic Backpack Alternatives

Moreover, a backpack doesn’t have limited uses. A person can carry it to school or any workplace. Hence, you can put your books, fruit, laptop, and other technical stuff. Therefore, a backpack has many salient characteristics. Many people carry it as a traveling bag as it offers a comfortable traveling. Moreover, it is simple and handy, and valuable for many purposes. 

For a nomadic person, the backpack is always on his checklist. He cannot wander without carrying a bag on his shoulders. For convenience and better traveling, many leading brands have put extra effort. They are creating backpacks that are easy to carry and have high capacity. Nomatic backpack is no doubt a leading and reliable brand. However, many Nomatic backpack alternatives could grab others’ attention. 

Benefits of a backpack

Any top backpack must have some common characteristics that make them popular among users. These top-notch backpacks are helpful and desirable from different aspects. Some of their benefits and advantages are;

Ensure organization

A good backpack ensures the organization of users. It has sufficient room to accommodate all the essential items. Moreover, incorporating every valuable thing into your backpack lets, you stay assembled. For instance, if you are going for a picnic, you can carry books, food items, picnic mats, and many other objects. 

Moreover, if you have a backpack for office use, you can put your laptop, diaries, documents, etc. Hence, in many ways, it will help you to stay organized by giving enough space to accommodate things. 


The backpack has an ergonomic style and design. It is lightweight and essentially portable. Moreover, it provides comfort for its users due to its easy-to-carry design. You can carry everything, from books to electronic gear, in a backpack. Regardless of any heavy item placed inside, you can carry it comfortably on your shoulders. 

A backpack works by distributing the weight equally in all its compartment. In this way, by wearing it on your shoulder, your hands are spare to do any other task. 


Many leading backpack brands utilize durable and robust fabric to endure the heavyweight. Moreover, they are flexible enough to incorporate things well. These backpacks ensure safety as it safeguards your belongings. Moreover, its waterproof material prevents water from seeping through the fabrics. 

Sometimes, you are carrying electronic gear, such as a laptop. In that situation, you need extra protection to safeguard it from any external pressure. Hence, the backpack provides cushioning through its thick and flexible fabric. 

Useful for long-period of time

The most helpful feature of a backpack is its comfortable shape. Hence, you can carry it for an extended period as its straps are highly comfortable. Many riders find difficulty when carrying luggage. Soon they wear out with time, which reduces their capacity. However, a backpack makes a journey pleasant and safe. 

Trendy and modest

Backpacks are never out of fashion. They are still considered contemporary and trendy things. People worldwide carry them on their shoulders whether they go to the office or any nearby public place. Many stylish backpacks are trendy and functional. Most people prefer Nomatic backpacks. However, many Nomatic backpack alternatives are contemporary and luxurious. 


A regular backpack has a comfortable design and is convenient to carry. Moreover, these backpack incorporates every single item that a person may need. Whether hiking or on a desert safari, you will need a backpack. You can easily find items that are placed inside. Moreover, it has different compartments for placing essential items. Therefore, you can place your wallet, pens, credit cards, etc., in different compartments. 

In this way, a backpack is a  single unit with multi-dimensional uses. You can never imagine a tour or an adventure without carrying a backpack on your shoulders since it a desirable, helpful, and trendy. Therefore, you must struggle to find the best backpack of all. Despite choosing leading brands, you can have some good alternatives which are equally functional and potent. 

Some globally acclaimed backpack brands

Many Nomatic backpack alternatives are gaining acknowledgement. People are inclining due to their multiple advantages. Some of them are discussed here for the general awareness among people. 

Thule Subterra backpack

Thule Subterra backpack

The Thule Subterra backpack has the most diversified range. It incorporates various tempting designs that are successful in grabbing others’ attention. Their wide range includes cross bags, camera bags, hydration packs, travel bags, laptop bags, etc. Undoubtedly, the Thule Subterra is one of the most popular Nomatic backpack alternatives. It has sustained its remarkable position by showcasing its wide variety of designs. 

Salient features of the Thule Subterra backpack


These stylish Thule Subterra backpacks will grab your attention at first glance. Its streamlined shape gives you a trendy look, whether sitting in a restaurant or business meeting. Indeed, wearing it will make you a stylish wanderer. These Nomatic backpack alternatives are desirable and stylish. 

Moreover, it comes in three shades with a contrasting, neon interior. The neon fabric will instantly light up inside the backpack to make things visible. People admire these warm shades of fabric. It is made from highly durable Nylon material. Further, it incorporates high-quality zips to give extra durability. YKK 8RC forms the side, and the front compartment zips to deliver better quality. 


The Thule Subterra backpack comes in feasible dimensions, which are neither bulky nor small. It is a perfect travel bag as it weighs only 1.25 kg. Due to its lightweight, it is portable, and a person can carry it without discomfort. It has a compact and sleek design that measures 52 cm in height, 31 cm wide, and 23 cm deep. 


The Thule Subterra backpacks have different compartments and side pockets. The side pockets have an excellent capacity for holding water bottles. Once unzipped, you can find a good place to put different valuable items. Moreover, its pockets hold things tightly due to an elastic band. Hence, a person cannot fear losing his things. 

Moreover, you can adjust a tripod stand in any side pocket by fastening it with a buckle. 

A large roll-top

The Thule Subterra backpack incorporates a large roll-top. This top-roll has Duraflex buckles on its adjacent sides. After rolling the top roll, you can secure it with buckles. Moreover, it has a magnetic closure for additional security. 

Moreover, its shoulder straps are incredibly comfortable. It is made from Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate with a mesh on its front layer. That textile is soft as well as durable. Further, when the Thule Subterra backpacks are not used, these straps lie flat and don’t get stuck with various other objects. Moreover, they can sustain heavy weight despite their fragile appearance. 

The back panel

These Nomatic backpack alternatives are highly reliable and durable. It has various interesting external components that make it a primary choice. It has a sternum strap with a buckle for giving extra protection. The back panel is like a flat panel offering comfort and ease. Moreover, it has a pass-through panel that enables you to adjust it with a roller suitcase. 

  • Good in appearance
  • Multiple functions
  • Neon interior
  • Large capacity
  • Difficulty in placing large laptops

However, these Thule Subterra, Nomatic backpack alternatives, are reliable substitutes. One can carry it even to long distances without burdening one’s shoulders. 

Mark Ryden travel laptop backpack

Mark Ryden travel backpack

The Mark Ryden travel laptop bag is also the Nomatic backpack alternative. The manufacturers have designed it as a laptop backpack. Mainly a person can carry it to his office or other workplaces. One of its most unique specialties is that it’s an anti-theft bag. XD Design has carved out its unique and intricate design. Its specialties are listed below;

Hidden compartments

It is an anti-theft bag as it incorporates many hidden compartments. You can keep your money, credit card, or other precious items in those secret pockets. Its concealed pockets are present everywhere. One is on its back panel, two on its shoulder straps, and one on its side panel. These secret compartments provide enough space for storing valuable items. 

For instance, you can place your credit card on the shoulder strap. This remarkable feature will grab buyers’ attention, especially if they live in crowded areas. 

Check-point friendly

Many laptop bag users find difficulty at the checking counter at the airport. The laptop bags open at 180 degrees, which spares the need to pull out your laptop from the suitcase at the checking time. Hence, the Mark Ryden travel laptop bag allows users to check without taking out all their stuff conveniently. 

USB charging port

The Mark Ryden laptop backpack has a USB port for charging your cell phone or laptop. Hence, you don’t need to open the entire bag to take out a charging device. The manufacturers have placed an external connection for charging your device. Moreover, you need a power bank for the functioning of this feature. 


Due to its ideal size and affordable price, the Mark Ryden laptop backpack is the most incredible. While traveling, you can adjust it under the seat, preventing you from paying additional charges. Its impressive design enables you to carry it in a business meeting or on an official tour. 

Moreover, it has an external pocket for carrying essential documents. Its internal storage is optimized for accommodating different things. 


  • Can adjust laptop up to 9.7.”
  • Accommodate tablets of size up to 15.6.”
  • Concealed pockets
  • External USB charging port
  • Lack of zipper

The Mark Ryden travel laptop backpack is one of the Nomatic backpack alternatives that come at an affordable price. 

Bopai Travel Backpack

Bopai Travel Backpack

 The Bopai travel backpack is the most sophisticated travel bag. It is primarily a business suitcase that can carry your essentials. It’s a leather bag with a sleek and professional looking. Moreover, it has the capacity to accommodate a laptop of up to 15.6”. It gives an external USB connection for its users. Being a Nomatic backpack alternative, it has the following exceptional features:


The Bopai travel backpack gives a professional essence to your styling. Being a sleek and contemporary bag, the Bopai travel bag is convenient to carry. The fabric is durable and flexible to fit in your electronic gears. Moreover, it is made from waterproof material that resists the influx of water droplets. Therefore, you can carry electronic stuff without any worry. 


The Bopai is a travel bag that provides sufficient room for putting in things. Users have given excellent reviews about its capacity as large-sized laptops can fit in easily. Moreover, it has hidden compartments for placing precious stuff. Thus, it can also work as an anti-theft bag. Due to its capacity, one can use it for official travelling. It is made from leather and nylon, making it flexible yet durable. 


It is made from tear-resistant material that prolongs its longevity. Moreover, it cushions your laptop from bumps that would otherwise harm it. The manufacturers have added paddling to safeguard electronic gadgets. 


The Bopai travel backpack has a lightweight design. Hence, you can carry it on your shoulders without placing any extra burden on them. For comfortable travelling, weight is the most desirable feature that someone looks for. People avoid those backpack that is heavy. Hence, it ensures safe travelling for users. 


  • Soft compartments to protect the laptop from bumps 
  • Concealed zip pockets for storing different objects
  • Many pockets of different size
  • Average quality

The Bopai travel laptop backpack is regarded as one of the best Nomatic backpack alternatives. These travel bags provide ease and comfort for users as it’s highly portable. Further, it safeguards your equipment against any risk or harm. 

Everki Atlas business laptop backpack

Everki Atlas business laptop backpack

These Nomatic backpack alternatives have gained immense popularity in recent years. It has grabbed the attention of others through its exceptional features. Some of its salient characteristics are;


There are plenty of pockets and compartments to accommodate various essential items. Its soft and laptop sleeves can adjust the 17.3-inch laptops. Moreover, the zips can move down to the bag’s base. That enables the airport security officers to scrutinise your bag without taking out all the essential items. 

Further, it has an additional pocket for the tablet. Therefore, the Everki Atlas business laptop backpack provides sufficient room for the placement of either laptop or tablet. The main compartment is divided into two parts with the help of a plastic sheet. Hence, you can place different items in these separate sections. 

Along with the main compartment, it housed sub-compartments for hiding precious objects. Hence, you can place small items such as keys, wallets, etc. 


The Everki Atlas business laptop backpack weighs only 1.6 kg. When measured, it is 45cm tall, 34 cm wide, and 21cm deep. Moreover, it has a large compartment for placing a15.6-inch laptop. Moreover, you can place 500ml of the water bottle inside the pockets.

It’s easy to carry due to its compact and sleek design. Moreover, it has a carry handle that ensures smooth mobility. Further, you can fit it inside a rolling suitcase handle. It provides enough space to place accessories, electronic gadgets, food items, etc., inside the bag. 


It becomes inconvenient for a person to travel and wear it for a long time. Eventually, you will feel heaviness and burden on your shoulder. Even with additional fasteners, you will feel discomfort after some time. However, its broad shoulder strap can make your journey a bit bearable. 


The Everki Atlas business laptop backpack consists of high-quality zips for additional protection. Approximately the Atlas backpack has 10 zippers to separate each compartment. Some of its compartments have heavy-duty zippers to protect big stuff such as laptops. Some pockets have sliding and double-pull zips for their smooth gliding. These custom-designed zips have engraved the brand’s name. 

For giving an additional pull, it has a long slot or handles. That ultimately reduces the exerted force over the zips. These zippers protect your valuable items placed inside. 


The Everki Atlas business laptop backpack acquires a carry handle at its top surface. These handles provide adequate grip for handling. Moreover, it is firmly attached to the bag to prevent its break or tear. It has a rivet at opposite ends engraved in its fabric for superior strength. Hence, the backpack can sustain heavy-weight objects placed inside. 

Many backpack handles are slanted when it’s empty from the inside. However, the Everki Atlas business laptop backpack’s handle is held vertically upward. Hence, a person doesn’t face any difficulty while holding them as it is rightly placed for an easy grip.

Moreover, the handle is made from soft fabric so that it wouldn’t affect your palm while holding it for a long time. 

Front pocket

The Everki Atlas business laptop backpack has a well-designed front pocket. The front pocket incorporates a compartment divided by a mesh. Moreover, the inside is lined with orange colour to make things visible. On its front, there is an aluminium ring that embellishes its exterior. Moreover, one can use it to hang their keys. 

Moreover, an office worker or student can hang their IDs from that metallic ring. 

These Nomatic backpack alternatives have separate small and large compartments for placing different objects. These are secured by dual-zips that fully open them at a 180-degree angle. Hence, that person can scrutinise your belongings at the security checkpoint by merely opening your zips.

Hence, it is an excellent alternative that is durable and secure. 

  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Separate compartments for laptops and tablets
  • Multiple compartments
  • Heavy to carry for long-distance

eBags Pro Slim Weekender

eBags Pro Slim Weekender

eBags Pro Slim Weekenders is a well-designed backpack to keep your things sorted and segmented. Moreover, it is a primary choice for daily use. Its slim look design offers comfort to the wearer. Hence, these Nomatic backpack alternatives allow you to wear them without burdening your shoulder. Its unique characteristics are; 


It has a relatively simple look. Hence, externally it does not offer a striking look. However, in any casual setting, you can comfortably wear it without stressing your arms or shoulders. Moreover, its broad shoulder steps convey extra comforts to users. The eBags Pro Slim Weekenders showcase versatility in their design and texture. 

840D polyester fabric contributes to its manufacturing. That fabric imparts flexibility and strength to the backpack. Moreover, the material offers resistance against water droplets. Thus, it prevents your electrical gadgets from spoiling. The fabric has been tested multiple times before getting approval. 


The eBags Pro Slim Weekenders incorporates durable and high-quality zips. Manufacturers have stitched the zips with fabrics to procure extra strength. Moreover, these zippers provide easy sliding when it opens. However, these zips can often produce disturbing noise, especially when you are in the library. 

Straps for fastening

The eBags Pro Slim Weekenders have extra straps for carrying the backpack with ease and comfort. The shoulder strap has a comfortable paddling mingled with mesh. These straps are the most comfortable as it equally distributes the load.

 Moreover, it has an additional sternum strap for efficiently carrying the backpack. You can adjust the strap up and down according to the feasibility. Moreover, its flexible design provides extra comfort. However, one can even detach it when one feels uneasy. 

Back panel

The back panel draws users’ attention and makes them the Nomatic backpack alternatives. Currently, many backpacks are providing comfort and ease. However, the eBags Pro Slim Weekenders offers a soft and heavily padded back panel. Many wearers regard it as the most significant characteristic. 

The soft back panel prevents the wearer from backache. Despite its softness, it doesn’t sag behind to provide discomfort. Hence, one can also accommodate it on the roller suitcase. Moreover, it housed a handle at the top for grabbing the backpack. 


The eBags Pro Slim Weekenders have different compartments and pockets for holding essential items. It has an elasticated mesh pocket for holding water bottles on both sides. Further, it has external and internal pockets to accommodate your items quite well. Inside it has a crinkly orange fabric to highlight inner compartments. 

On the front compartment, it accommodates tiny spaces for placing different objects. Moreover, you need a bottom compartment for placing delicate equipment. Moreover, it provides quick access to different compartments so that a person can find even minor objects. It provides immense organisation by offering pockets of varying sizes. 

  • Provides organisation in the form of different-sized compartments
  • Efficient harness system for securing your items. 
  •  Densely padded for extra protection
  • Additional compartments for holding water bottles
  • Side openings restrain the main laptop compartments.

Hence, the eBags Pro Slim Weekenders is the most reliable backpack. Its simple textured fabric and strength convince users. Moreover, it can sustain a heavy burden without any tearing. Therefore, one could say these backpacks as the Nomatic backpack alternative. 

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody - Essential backpack

The Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack has gained popularity due to its distinct features and characteristics. People are generally more inclined toward Nomatic backpack alternatives due to their additional features. Hence, these alternatives are the most reliable options if one is looking for a durable, luxurious, and efficient backpack. Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack’s salient features are;


Like other Nomatic backpack alternatives, it is made from nylon. Nylon polymers are meshed together to provide ultimate strength and durability. Moreover, these tightly compact molecules restrict the movement of water molecules. Hence, a water-repellent fabric shields your electronic gadgets from water intrusion. Therefore, the flexibility is entirely reliable to consumers. 

Moreover, the fibre is perfectly elastic in nature. That allows anything to fit easily. Hence, a laptop can fit inside its compartment due to its flexibility. It can store tablets and laptops. Hence, it can fulfil your travelling needs. Moreover, the material can sustain heavy luggage due to its formidable strength. 


Micro nylon fibres produce Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack. These fibres mingle together to provide the utmost strength. Hence, these backpacks are lightweight and easy to carry on the shoulders. According to its dimensions, its height is 16”, width 11”, and depth 5.5”. This compact design enables the user to carry it for a long time. 

One could carry it on any business or road trip. Its sleek design and impressive fabric make it the first and foremost choice among all Nomatic backpack alternatives. Its decent and sophisticated design has grabbed customers’ attraction. Moreover, users have given excellent reviews after its use. It never over-burdened your shoulder due to equal distribution of weight. Moreover, it weighs only 1.5 lbs which makes it significantly portable.  


Its fully lined and bright interior enables the user to retract the items from inside quickly. Moreover, it has a floral pattern that gives a delicate and unique look. It has compartments of varying sizes to accommodate objects. Further, it has a separate laptop compartment with dense padding. That compartment could accommodate a laptop measuring 15”. 

Moreover, it has slip pockets to accommodate files and documents. It has smaller slip pockets to fit business and credit cards. The Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack has an additional organiser for incorporating other valuable items. Moreover, it has hidden RFID security pockets to secure your precious items. 

Back panel

Most consumers evaluate the backpack thoroughly before purchasing. Everyone wants a soft back panel that can provide comfort. Moreover, it must aid in ergonomics by delivering the appropriate position of its constituents. Moreover, it has a neoprene backpack strap that delivers extreme comfort and eases users. 

Those straps’ edges are curved and soft to provide shoulder and back ergonomics. Most back paddles are insulators to fresh air. However, the Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack offers a well-ventilated back panel. It allows a good air passage to keep your back and spinal cord healthy. In this way, it provides additional lumbar support. 


The straps are highly durable and provide immense strength. Most straps are rigid and inelastic, which causes discomfort for the wearer. However, the Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack has soft and flexible straps that would not burden your shoulder. Moreover, these meshes are well-aerated and offer good ventilation. 

These straps are fixed well in their place to avoid any damage to internally stored items. Therefore, a person can easily carry the Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack without trouble. It has a top handle for offering an extra strap to hold the backpack. These straps are durable yet soft to handle. These straps offer good protection and easy back lifting. 


The Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack incorporates the YKK RC zippers for good protection. Your backpack may contain delicate electronic goods which need extra protection. Hence, the Briggs backpack uses high-quality and self-repairing zippers to keep them safe and secure. Moreover, it glides smoothly without causing any trouble. 

Hence, the Briggs & Riley Rhapsody – Essential backpack is one of the Nomatic backpack alternatives that has been stealing hearts for years. The brand is renowned for its luxury bag items available in various colours and sizes. Moreover, it has a diversified collection for all users depending upon their needs. 

  • Soft and dense paddled backpack
  • Equal distribution of weight
  • YKK RC zippers
  • Expensive to buy

Most reliable backpack brands buyer’s guide – factors to consider

Buying often becomes difficult when there are too many options. Hence, you must know the eligibility criterion that may help you buy the best backpack. Many leading backpack brands are surfacing in the market and online retailing shops. Therefore, by following these guidelines, find the best reliable and durable one. 


A reliable backpack must have a sufficient compartment to accommodate essential items. Many a time, you need to place your credit cards, ID card, wallet, and other necessary things. Therefore, the best backpack must have small compartments to accommodate these items. 

Convenient to carry

Sometimes you go hiking and on other road trips. On those adventurous trips, you must carry the backpack on your shoulder for a long time. Therefore, the best backpack brand ensures the comfort of its customers. Hence, choose a backpack brand with a densely padded back panel and shoulder straps for a comfortable and convenient journey. 


 The backpack’s size and capacity matter alot. Therefore, choose a backpack with ample capacity to fit your stuff. Many times, a large-sized laptop cannot fit inside a congested backpack. To avoid this trouble, select the right size to offer a free space for different items.  


A durable material prolongs the longevity of the backpack. Therefore, choose a backpack made from flexible and robust fabric. Nylon and leather are the most reliable material for a compatible backpack. Hence, select a backpack by thoroughly examining its material.


Various leading brands in the market are considered the Nomatic backpack alternatives. People are switching to those brands due to their exceptional characteristics. These brands offer a massive variety of backpacks depending on users’ needs and requirements. Moreover, it provides extra space to accommodate big-sized objects like laptops. A backpack is just like a mini suitcase that accommodates your various essential items. 

Therefore, look into specific details when choosing a backpack. Evaluate its fabric quality, its design, comfort, and portability. Hence, grab your backpack after evaluating it in the light of various criteria.